Yo DR … #FanQuery

 Yo, what’s brewing? The S.A.S.S. here. My publisher rang the doorbell of my cave and told me that I had mail. I thought that I was being punked and reminded her that April Fools’ had been over with for a minute. But then … there it was …


After getting over my genuine shock, and giving up trying to rationale the why of this individual, I proceeded to put my poker face on and give the mouse a few taps.



What is your favorite movie(s) (it can be a series) and why?

What elements do you believe contribute to your affinity?

Hello Psychotic Being Who Sent Me These Questions

I don’t know if I should thank you for acting like you care enough to ask about me, or laugh at you. If it were up to me, you might not be getting an answer at all (the anti-social bit). Yet, that previous statement is what one would call a joke, because my anti-social is set on super slight for the time being. Therefore, you are in luck.

Hmmm … my favorite movie. I do have a favorite movie but it may not be the movie that relates to the second half that inquires about my affinity.


My all time favorite movie series is Nightmare on Elm Street. To me, there’s something pretty bad ass about someone coming at you while you are asleep and attacking (including killing) your ass. Now, as far as all of the movies, I can’t say I like all of them. Once they got to a certain point, they started getting a bit stupid, but that is what happens when someone goes to the realm for too long.

One analogy I will use is this:

It’s like a woman introducing a new technique in the bedroom because she’s feeling extra frisky. In her mind, the guy should recognize this is some special occasion type stuff or when she’s been doing yoga and feeling super flexible type stuff. Unfortunately, because the guy likes the technique so much, he thinks it should happen all the time. At first, she goes along with the program to make him happy, but each performance, it becomes less and less thrilling and interesting. That type of scene.

Or, when an author just won’t let a character die and find ways of bringing the character back so outlandish that even the reader doesn’t buy the bull.

Moving on.

Now, to this affinity type deal.

Believe it or not, I am fascinated by religion, although I am not necessarily a believer. You won’t find me telling you to worship an invisible man in the sky or some figures up in stone. The thing that draws me to this topic is how far people go for the sake of religion … the psychology that leads to the overload … the ongoing battle between good and evil. Mainly, all the tricks evil has up its sleeve.

For me, evil makes sense; good does not.

You do wrong to someone, you should expect payback. Forget all of this “turn the other cheek” mess. That does nothing to soothe the thirst to make someone hurt or pay in the interim, especially if you hurt someone close to me. When that happens, it’s all over but getting some folks over to have a Fabuloso party (salsa, chips, queso, alcohol, and music included).


The movie that speaks to my affinity the greatest is the movie Carrie. Not that remake or the sequel, but the original 1970’s version. You see, Carrie was this chic not messing with nobody and then these high school assholes go out of their way to make a fool out of her. Then, she has this psycho religious mama giving her grief, too. What does she do after being Miss Goody Two shoes doesn’t work? She shows everyone who’s the boss. That will teach them to mess with her.

I hope this is close to what you were looking for. If not, then oh, well.



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