Vocal Remedy #TheMysteryRead

Yo, the S.A.S.S. here. I couldn’t find anything interesting on the TV besides politics and Beyonce, so to amuse myself, I decided to pick up the very first work I had published by All Authors Publishing House “Vocal Remedy”.


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Vaser is not surprised when Mr. Choice selects him. He does have a great voice and only the best should compete to win the cash prize for the music program. Everything falls into place as Vaser prepares to deliver a vocal remedy to compose his award winning tune.


This tale came out to some interesting reviews, including one person who wanted to get back fifteen minutes of one’s life. As to why, who knows and I can’t say that I care? Each time I see that review, it makes me smirk. I just can’t take a review seriously that doesn’t spit out what you hate about something. Besides, I knew I wasn’t for everyone—I come with a warning label.

Per the instructions of this task given by my publisher, I’m supposed to provide some sort of excerpt, something to be a spark for me to reconnect with my words.

Well, I’ve never been disconnected, and doing it from that angle bores me. So I’m going to change the rules of this thing … um … because I want to.


If a reader just checks out “Vocal Remedy” once, I can say with accuracy that you are bound to miss something. There may be some authors who never read their works again once they are sent out to the big publishing ocean in the universe.

Nope, I’m not that chic. How can I tell other folks to read and like it, if I’m not reading and liking it on a consistent basis?

Therefore, you guys are going to be a fly on the wall as I go through my reading experience with “Vocal Remedy”.

The first time I read “Vocal Remedy”, I was trying to figure out the connection with Vaser and Mr. Choice.

  • Was it a consensual relationship? (Like both people being willing participants)
  • If it wasn’t, how did the previous dynamics play out prior to the story?

The second time I read “Vocal Remedy”, my focus was on some of the language (both spoken and unspoken) delivered during particular segments. The looks between Mr. Choice and Vaser in the chorus room. The confusion of Janelle when she didn’t get picked for the competition, along with Vaser’s explanation as to why she wasn’t selected.  The short yet seemingly insignificant banter between Jenks and Vaser. It was just cool that everything means something, even the things in passing.

The third time I read “Vocal Remedy” my mind was on Vaser’s savvy. Could he really know for sure that there would be no mistakes? If there were some screw ups, did he have a backup plan? No way to really know—it’s all up to a reader’s interpretation.

Many complex scenarios, covered in less than 2,500 words. It’s cool that I achieved that. Is there room to expand? Of course. However, with “Vocal Remedy”, the beauty is in the guessing game … a whole “Create Your Own Back Story” combined with a “Create Your Own Conclusion”.

Check out the guessing game for yourself right HERE.



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