No Bounds to Fly Excerpts (Boundless Limits Brag Swag)

The S.A.S.S. is here, to chat about “Boundless Limits”, Book One of the Transcendent Choice collection.


So … why is it being deemed a collection, as opposed to strictly a “saga” or a “series”?

Well, technically speaking, it’s a jambalaya of both.

The first three books in the Transcendent Choice collection revolve around three characters—Therice, Felipe, and Marina. Due to that being the main focus (although there are lots of supplementary action), these books are saga-esque. In other words, you won’t be able to understand “Efficacious Ennui”, Book Two of this collection, without having read “Boundless Limits”. Even if you were to scavenger the Transcendent Choice website (coming soon), there still isn’t enough information to fill in the missing gaps.

**Side Note: A Spring 2017 estimate is floating around for the 2nd book, but you didn’t see this here.**

The remaining three (or four—I haven’t quite decided) in the Transcendent Choice collection will be focused more on the celestial realm, in particular Amare, Vindicta, and this angst about the Spirit Visitation debate. As of this date, I have decided to write those as stand alones—which classifies them as serial as opposed to saga works.

What’s not to read in “Boundless Limits”? There are so many good elements as well as good excerpts. I couldn’t stop at just one, so I shared my favorite snippets.

FlySkullDividerFrom Chapter Four

Mother Nature continued not to take any prisoners. Purses and cell phones were not the only things incurring the wind’s wrath. The black umbrella in Mana’s hands fought and lost the right to keep its shape.

From Chapter Six

The sun started its slow descent to make way for the moon. Felipe was not ready to call it a day. The little girl playing at the end of the beach held his attention. She didn’t have his skin tone or even any of his facial features. But the girl’s hair—the way a few strands fell over her eyes while other wisps stuck out in rebellion against the rest …

From Chapter Seven

Yeah, the whole ghost visiting thing … a myth! A spirit was not allowed to visit a loved one after she had died. The reasoning, Therice was told, was because it helped the loved one to heal from the loss.

In that regard, Therice was an emotional sadist. She didn’t want Felipe to heal. If he healed, he may forget. She never wanted Felipe to forget her, and she never wanted to forget him. Their love was the rebellion against the rules, even those ordained by Heaven.

From Chapter Eight

“Amare, typically I’m anti-establishment but in this case, they have a point. On the surface, it seems like a great idea and it pleases the deceased. What about the living? They have a right to move on with their lives—meet different people, create new memories. Where does nostalgia end and torture begin? These spirits can’t tell the difference, so we have to do it for them.”

From Chapter Nine

Vindicta’s image took a back seat to Therice, whose whole essence illuminated when speaking of Felipe. Amare never felt that type of genuflection or rapture. Was there something lacking in his discarnal life? If so, why did it take just one being—Therice—to puncture the shield of contentment that thousands of others had failed to penetrate?

From Chapter Thirteen

Vindicta’s blood rushed like calescent lava, fused with an alacritous rage. Her body shook, the only visible sign that her body was losing the battle of emotional containment. The skin of Vindicta’s inner ear cracked, red liquid spewing through the seams. The sensation to open her eyes became incessant.


All right, assignment has been slayed. I’m going back to my cave and resuming my bid for this new blade I saw on eBay.



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