Sci-Fi Mayhem #Earth882Saga


Yo, the Slightly Anti-Social Socialite here, leaving the Asylum Gates open for some epic sci-fi stuff.


A little over a year ago, at the same time Boundless Limits was released, the first book of Earth 8-8-2 was out also, called “The Genesis Project”. Although it was first proposed that we do our releases together, I knew that it was going to take me a lot longer than a year to put together the 2nd installment of the Transcendent Choice. However, I didn’t want that to stop my guest at this time for doing her thing. Plus, she’s kind of the impatient type anyway.

So … please give scratches, howls, and growls to Y. Correa.


Hey Sci-Fi Chic. I know the next book is coming out May 17th and it’s rumored that there’s a pretty intense character “phucking shyt up”. So, I got to thinking—which is more challenging to you as an author: creating an innately good character or crafting a bonafide bad ass?

Hello Da’Kharta, thanks for having me. 🙂

This is a great question. I would have to say that my biggest challenge is creating a “bonafide bad ass”. The thing is, typically I get this idea of who the character is in a generalized form. Yet, it takes a lot of research, plot preparation and imagination to make that character into a believable agitator. I think that it’s particularly important to give said character a credible backstory as well. This is because a conceivable backstory can set the tone for unquestionable zealot with an unfathomable endeavor.

Creating an innately good character seems simpler to me, because it’s all about heart & honesty—those are the primary attributes of a good person. A bad person tends to be a lot more complex.

Thank you again, for having me.



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