Before I go on, let me know this question out of the way …

(Side Note: The shocked smiley is on vacation. He’ll be back by the time I’m ready to talk about Coalesce, me thinks.)

Why is this not part of the main menu?

Well, for one, I didn’t want to make the spot too cluttered. For two, not everyone is interested in the whole behind the scenes process.

However, there are people who may be interested and mofos who are just plain nosy. If this means you, you have come to the right spot.


ContinuousDripsSo what was the creative process behind Omitted?

Well, the simplest version is some Lifetime Movie shit.

Let me explain.

You ever see those movies where at the very beginning, everything is like picture perfect? The whole marriage, house, cars, animals and 2.5 kids?

Another side note: Who in the Hades came up with that 2.5 kids stuff? #JustSaying

Then some thing tragic happens and next thing you know, family, community and the hobo on the bench are scratching their heads, wondering what went wrong?

That’s the type of ambiance I was going for with “Omitted”. Where everything looks copacetic but really isn’t, and by the time one puts the pieces together, the tale ends.



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