The Kutters

Before I go on, let me know this question out of the way …

(Side Note: The shocked smiley is on vacation. He’ll be back by the time I’m ready to talk about Coalesce, me thinks.)

Why is this not part of the main menu?

Well, for one, I didn’t want to make the spot too cluttered. For two, not everyone is interested in the whole behind the scenes process.

However, there are people who may be interested and mofos who are just plain nosy. If this means you, you have come to the right spot.


ContinuousDripsSo what was the creative process behind The Kutters?

Most of you know that I dig people that write psychological thrillers, horror and such. This particular story was inspired by two sources: the book “The Dark Half” by Stephen King and the movie “Secret Window”, which was based off a short story Stephen King wrote.

Different aspects explored include:

1. What happens when a writer gets known for one work and anything outside that genre doesn’t fit the bill, or even worse, so disastrous that he risks getting dropped from the publishing company?

2. How does trouble sleeping play into whether something is real or imaginary?

3. What happens when people want you to change the ending of the story? Do you comply if enough people ask about it?

All of this gets addressed in The Kutters. Out of all the stories I have created, this one gives me a particular bit of satisfaction.



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