Before I go on, let me know this question out of the way …

(Side Note: The shocked smiley is on vacation. He’ll be back by the time I’m ready to talk about Coalesce, me thinks.)

Why is this not part of the main menu?

Well, for one, I didn’t want to make the spot too cluttered. For two, not everyone is interested in the whole behind the scenes process.

However, there are people who may be interested and mofos who are just plain nosy. If this means you, you have come to the right spot.


ContinuousDripsSo what was the creative process behind Unrest?

Well, I was looking at this cheesy movie classified as horror/thriller. It is, in fact, so horrible I cannot for the life of me remember the title. As I rested, my mind kept reflecting on the final scene and how that could have been done with so more finesse and still had the audience wondering “what really happened”.

This has occurred before … the whole wanting to rewrite the end of a movie thing. (Lately, even the movies have been sucking monkey balls, not just the books.) Yet, this is one of the rare times that this sensation has lasted days, even weeks afterwards. Due to the lingering, it was only fitting that I put it down on paper.

The strangest thing of all was that when I wrote it, everything came out present tense. As I blogged about previously, a part of me itched to switch it to past tense, since that is where I’m the most familiar. However, the publisher said I should leave it the way it was.

“Unrest” goes a lot deeper than a female sneaking off to meet her lover. If this is all the reader gets out the story, so be it. Yet, those who know my penchant for underlying messages in my stories, as well as how I love to play with names (spellings and meanings), will be the ones who truly appreciate the ambiance of this one, even more so than “Omitted” and “The Kutters”, also featured in the Continuous Drips collection.



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