Vocal Remedy

Before I go on, let me knock this question out of the way:


Why is this not part of the main menu?

Well, for one, I didn’t want to make the spot too cluttered. For two, not everyone is interested in the whole behind the scenes process.

However, there are people who may be interested and mofos who are just plain nosy. If this means you, you have come to the right spot.



VocalRemedySo what was the creative process behind Vocal Remedy?

It wasn’t anything specific but based on things that happen on the daily. More often than they should if you ask me. Yet I may be biased because I’m an advocate of vigilantism. The scales of justice have never been even. It is inevitable that a person will get away with doing a bad deed, no matter how much the average person goes through the right channels, dots all of the i’s and crosses all the t’s.

I can’t blame anyone who makes his or her own way after following the path of procedure only to be lead astray.




To some, Vocal Remedy may read like an unorthodox love affair gone wrong.

To some, Vocal Remedy may read like a tale of unhealthy obsession.

To some, Vocal Remedy may be a tale as someone who tried the right way of handling things and as a result of that failure exercised a different method.


I’d like to believe there is no right or wrong answer as it pertains to Vocal Remedy. The reader may not know what to make of Vaser and Mr. Choice. I do confess to it being intentional and that should be the beauty of the tale.



Say it With Your Chest

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