VocalRemedyTitle: Vocal Remedy
Genre: Dark Drama, Short Story
Available: HERE

Blurb: Vaser is not surprised when Mr. Choice selects him. He does have a great voice and only the best should compete to win the cash prize for the music program. Everything falls into place as Vaser prepares to deliver a vocal remedy to compose his own award winning tune.





BL.TC.Front.CovTitle: Boundless Limits: Transcendent Choice (Book One)
Genre: Paranormal/Dark Drama
Available: Amazon

Blurb: There’s Love … and then there’s Love Beyond Limits.

Felipe and Therice had a love that knew of no boundaries. When Therice and “Mama” lose their lives in a tragic car accident, Felipe has a gaping hole that just refuses to heal and Therice has a determination to see him again that just refuses to die.

Heaven feels anything but, when Therice discovers that spirits are prohibited from visiting loved ones after they have died. Sensing that her angelic guide Amare possesses empathetic traits, Therice develops a plan of appeal in the hopes she will see Felipe near the anniversary of her death.

skarTitle: S.K.A.R. (Simi’s Komma: Amplified Reminiscence)
Genre: New Adult Dark Drama
Available: Amazon

Blurb: Papyrus is a small town that’s not a fan of anything different. Here we meet four long time friends.
Hiphen is known for being highly observant one. Rod is known as the go with the flow type. Point is a tomboy of sorts that takes action and asks questions later. Simi is the leader of the squad who has a maturity beyond his years.

When transfer student Komma Plush arrives, Simi takes it upon himself to show her the ropes of a new town yet at first Komma is highly hesitant. What follows takes Simi on an incredible journey that not only threatens his friendships but also the balance of Papyrus.

S.K.A.R. not only takes into account the previously released rendition of Simi’s Komma but fast forwards to follow the life of the friends and the town.

Why? Because some scars never heal.


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