Why do I feel like I’m in an interrogation room with strobe light shined directly at my face?

That is what an “About” page is; one gets put on the spot and expected to spew out information about one’s self—in some cases, in 150 characters or less.


For the very few who have kept up with me, my former blog home was on Goodreads. The publisher (which I’ve decided to bold and make this crazy magenta color just to make the company seem somewhat ominous) pulled me aside and let me know that as I began writing more things, it would be a good idea to expand beyond Goodreads.

GrumpyEdwardEven as I grumbled, the wheels started turning. I don’t get the enthusiasm bug quickly but when people pitch ideas that audibly make sense, I do give them a place in my brain.

First off, post dating on Goodreads is a bitch. Getting things to line up and look pretty is a pain also. Plus, it’s not like I could do a whole lot of decoration. Yet I confess, learning new things can be daunting to me so I know I will screw up at least one to five good times before acting like a pro so WordPress whizzes, practice patience. If my mistakes irk you that much, contact me and give me tips. I promise (no fingers crossed behind my ass) that I won’t sever you with my sickle but thank you for taking the extra time.

You see, I messed up this”About” segment already. It was actually supposed to go something like this:

I am a writer who got accepted as part of All Authors Publishing House. My current works include “Ahn’Ya’s Voice” (featured in Private Pain: Amidst These Ashes), “Vocal Remedy”, “Simi’s Komma”, and three writes in the short story anthology Continuous Drips by The Collective (“Unrest”, “Omitted”, and “The Kutters”). Future projects include being part of the Concordant Vibrancy: Unity anthology hosted by All Authors.


But … seriously, you didn’t want to really hear that boring ol’ shit, did you?

I thought so.

Just know this:

  • I’m not a huge talker but when I do, I’m quite blunt.
  • I’m not that writer who does a whole lot of flowery, everyone has to live “happily ever after” type of thing. Not in my blueprint and I am not the type to force it.
  • I’m still a believer in the mystery of the write. I desire for a reader to use his or her imagination. For me, the greatest stories I have ever read left me to do the discoveries. I think nowadays, too many writers (even in genres that are supposed to have suspense and mystery) tell too much and there are some readers out there that tend to want stuff told to them ALL the time. Again, you’re in the wrong spot.

So now that I’ve scared away the people who would not have read my stuff anyway, hello to the rest of you.