Pleasure Prints Book Release #HOTP
All Authors has been waiting 3 years to release this publication and the joy is beyond words!


Divergent Ink is the mesh of different frames of thoughts, various interpretations of one core question that yearns for universal expansion. Although the subject matter may change every year, the purpose of the Divergent Ink series will remain the same. The second book in the Divergent Ink anthology series, “Pleasure Prints”, revolves around the following question:
Where is paradise?
Six Divergent Inks exploring “Pleasure Prints“. Will the destination cause one to sip a tropical cocktail or cock an eyebrow in amazement?
Adonis Mann: Desperation and delusion are a marriage of emotions. Sentiments collide when three lives tell their tales. Hypnotizing and melancholic are the days of the souls who pursue the “Odyssey of Rhapsody“.
C. Desert Rose: Helena can be cumbersome and crude, while her life is at a standstill, she likes it that way. Amidst the orange glow of office lights and a steaming cup of hot chocolate, Helena learns that life is a series of “Fleeting Moments“.
Da’Kharta Rising: For Masato, there’s no time like the present. Is no limit too great to accomplish “Masato’s Zion”?
Synful Desire: Cecilia Teflon knows she doesn’t have much time left. Before she leaves this earth, she must make a confession. Will this revelation grant her entrance into spiritual paradise? Explore the twists and turns of “Onus”.
Queen of Spades: Axana has always lived a very careful life but a lucrative advertisement shreds her comfort zone. Paradise is where one least expects in “Axana … Unscripted”.
Y. Correa: Myth or memory, which can it be? A life so scripted can be less than desirable. To go or to stay, it is that question that leaves, “Nalani at Heaven’s Gates“.



#PPBT: Interview with Y. Correa

Yo! What’s the deal? I’m just sitting on my cozy couch living my best life. One thing that I’ve tried to shy away from is Author Interviews. Mainly, because I feel like people ask you the same stuff repeatedly. I don’t know about the rest of you but that gets mad boring after a while.

PP Cover JPG

It’s the Pleasure Prints Blog Tour (#PPBT) and it’s getting close to the end. When Multi-Genre Dibble Dabbler Y. Correa decided she wanted to do an interview, I wanted to make my questions as interesting as possible as well as the co-interviewer in the mix, Paranormal Powerhouse C. Desert Rose.

I’ll let you be the judge on how well we did. Enough of this Infomercial. Let’s get on with the questions.

Rose Logo


I’ve heard you say in the past that you have a love affair with words. Where did this saying come from and why?

First of all, hello, Rose. I hope you are doing well.

To answer your question, the saying comes from the truth.

Much like paint is a painter’s first love, words are a writer’s. But not just any writer, but a writer who can appreciate the beauty in words. It takes a special kind of mind to see the allure in the sounds, meanings and use of a word.

For example, I could say, “Lucy was pretty.” and that could work just fine. But it makes a story humdrum. However, if I say, “Lucy’s countenance was like sun rays grazing flowers in a chromatic field in a mid-summer’s day.” the image suddenly becomes majestic.

That is why I love words.

Being forced to pigeon-hole yourself into a single genre, what would that be and why?

Man, that is a hard one!

I guess if I am forced to choose just one, I would say science fiction. The why is because I’ve always been attracted to science and a lot of my stories are heavily sci-fi connected, although they are all mash-ups.

Your usual MO is to give the readers an ending they would not expect. When writing for anthologies, do you fit that same profile or do you feel the need to conform to mainstream storytelling?

Actually, I never really saw it that way. I didn’t even really think I had an MO, if you will. I just wrote the story that my mind dictated. So, I would have to say no to your question, but I could be wrong. Maybe I do use the same formula.

Random Question One: Favorite superhero and why?

Wolverine, always and forever. I have loved Wolverine since before the movies were ever talked about. I loved his personage and anti-hero ways since he was just a scribble of an idea in a comic book.

Do you consider yourself a rebel? If so or if not, why?

I think I am in rebel in a lot of ways. Not obnoxiously rebellious. Just rebellious enough to make people look and think. My life is all about making people think about the things they do and why. So if I have to rebel a little in order to accomplish that, then so be it. Plus, I honestly don’t really care what people think about me, so … 🤷‍♀️ 😆

Out of all of the books/stories you’ve written, who is your favorite character?

Woooow … I don’t know if I could answer that, Rose. I love all my characters.

But forced to choose just one, I would have to say Aishé from “MarcoAntonio & Amaryllis”. I find that she and I have loads in common. She may even be a little part of me.

Would you date any of your fictional characters? If so, who and why?

I would totally date Damian from “MarcoAntonio & Amaryllis”. He is a hottie and he’s fun. But I wouldn’t marry him. He is definitely not the marrying type.

Random Question Two: Night owl or day bird and why?

Day bird and night owl by virtue of insomnia. Lol. But even though I can’t sleep at night, that doesn’t mean that I can function at night. Because I can’t. I rather stay laying in bed doing nothing than trying to get up and then make a mess of things. During the day, however, I am at my peak.

Given the opportunity to change anything in your life, what would that be and why?

My health. It gets in the way of a lot of things and seems to hinder my productivity quite a lot. So, if I could change that, I would be golden.

Random Questions Three: Secret addiction, what and why?

Doctor Who. Simply put, I am a Whovian. The extended version is … I adore Doctor Who. I love everything about it; the stories, the characters, the adventures, the realness. It is awesome.


Out of all the characters you’ve created, which one do you identify with the most and why?

Hey Da’Kharta. How goes it? All good, I hope.
I identify the most with Aishé from “MarcoAntonio & Amaryllis”. In a lot of ways I feel like she is a small part of me. I can relate to her fighting spirit, he need to alter self for the sake of the fight, everything really.

Would you ever craft a female serial killer? If so, would it be just one novel or span off into a series?

I am actually in the process of that. LOL. It will be a novel and not a series, though. One large story with lots of interesting twists and turns. I hope the world is ready for the craziness of this story because it is already in the works.

Most people talk about “legacy” in terms of their children. I think that can spill over to books because writers create life. What book do you think will best represent your legacy? Expand on the how and why.

Hmm … 🤔
I would have to say that I think all my books are my legacy. Because in one degree or another they are all a part of me. What does make me sad, though, is that fact that none of my kids have taken the time to read my stories. It goes deep, that.
I don’t want them to read my books after I am dead and go, “Hey, my mom wrote this.” and then lick their wounds for not having done it sooner and enjoyed it while I was still alive.

What do you like to do when you’re not writing?

Everything. LOL. I have a lot of hobbies and things that I enjoy doing. I like doing all kinds of things. Sometimes I crochet, sometimes I sew, sometimes I do house repairs, I cook, I do graphic design. I keep myself busy. LOL

What genre would you like to dab into but haven’t because you think you’d suck at it?

Poetry. LOL.
I would love to try it but I fear that the public would just insult my attempt. I don’t want to look like a Basic Betty when it comes to the usage of words, and I fear that poetry would present that problem.

What is the major ingredient your writings have that is becoming obsolete in the modern day manifestation of the literary world?

Romancing the words.
What is it, exactly? It is using a specific stream of verbiage to portray an amazing image. Not the basic, “Scott can jump. Look at Scott jump.” because anyone can do that and call themselves an author. What if “Scott lept like a dervish, seeking solace in the skies” or “ The people surrounding him awed at the spectacle and praised his magnificence”? Wouldn’t that be a much more attractive image?
The art of romancing the words has been lost to the slurry of elementary writers that want to call themselves artists or authors.

In reality, would dating a fellow writer be a match made in heaven or a match made in Hades and why?

It would have to be a very special writer. LOL. 😂 🤣😂 🤣
I don’t know. As a matter of fact, most of the guys I’ve dated have looked at me like I had 3 heads when I tell them I am a writer. Their immediate reply is, “Wow! 😵 You write books?” like it is the most ludicrous thing they’ve ever heard.
So maybe it would be nice dating a writer. Maybe it wouldn’t. I can’t say.

Do you deem your interest in science an obsession?

Probably. I never looked at it that way. I have always looked at science like a tool for educational expansion. I love to learn, the more I can learn the better I feel about myself. So if it is an obsession, I doubt it’s a bad one. LOL

What do you do to detox when you are angry or when your characters leave you drained?

Chocolate and wine, rise and repeat. LOL

Describe utopia in your own image.

It would be a place where the colors are so vivid they could potentially blind you, but don’t because it was meant to be looked at and enjoyed. It would be replete with nature and willed with a sensation of euphoria and inner completion. It would be something transcendent, unlike anything anyone has ever seen or experienced. A whole other world where the farthest stretches of your imagination are an everyday event. Peaceful. The scent in the air would be like grazing the most fragrant of fields but so intense that you could feel the aroma seeping into your pores … in a good way. Warm. Light. Airy.
Simply put … Elysium.

Thanks for the interview Y. Check out “Nalani at Heaven’s Gate” and the rest of the hot stories in Pleasure Prints … or else.




Going “Unscripted” w/Queen of Spades

Yo Queen, I have a craving for some Magnum chocolate ice cream. You want anything?

No I’ve already eaten. Should I wait for you to get back?

Nah, I don’t have anything you’d be interested in stealing. Feel free to do your thing. It is your day on the Pleasure Prints blog tour. If anyone tries to stop by, just grab the blade underneath the Unwelcome mat and stick it through the slot. That scares off most. Except those Witnesses. They are persistent.


Greetings everyone! For those of you who have been reading and supporting Pleasure Prints, many thanks. For people who are just joining the fray, All Authors is in the midst of its Pleasure Prints blog tour. Today is my feature day where all things are “Unscripted”.

I would like to discuss my favorite three parts of “Axana … Unscripted” as well as the reasons behind the choices.

Excerpt One

She surveyed the landscape. The grass was high, tinted yellow with neglect and saturated with candy wrappers, beer bottles, cigarette butts and ripped condom wrappers. A repugnant scent—a mixture of rotten eggs and raw sewage—gave foil to an otherwise clear day. If Axana were to guess, various neighborhood miscreants had taken liberties in the outward redesign of the grey building. However, the artistic direction lacked sync. The left side of the building—doused with profanity. The right side of the building—devotional mosaics of fallen comrades.

One portrait was of a little boy, who looked no more than six years old. His eyes were so big, his gaze so innocent and full of wonder. Axana wandered closer to the image and rubbed his button nose and robust cheeks.

What was this boy’s story? Why was his spirit called so soon?


With this, I wanted to paint a clear picture of the element that Axana was walking into. Although some people may be used to it because it’s what they see every day, this scene is not familiar to her, which is why it gives her tremendous trepidation. I also referenced the mural of the little boy to recognize that so many of them are taken from us too soon due to external elements. However, I leave the reader to come up with one’s own story as to the little boy’s demise.


Excerpt Two

Axana strutted over to the window. For a fleeting moment, she thought that Zube was studying her movements, but dismissed it just as quickly. She busied herself with different poses until he barked, “Don’t do any of that. It looks stupid.”


“Axana, this isn’t a modeling shoot. I don’t need you to work the camera. This needs to come across as natural.”

Axana huffed, her forehead dimpled with lines of confusion. It was always championed that women tended to not know what they wanted. They had not come across Zube.

Zube placed his camera back on the tripod to approach her.

“Axana I wasn’t calling you stupid. I’m just saying that life isn’t staged so it doesn’t make sense for you to pose. You must behave as if the camera isn’t here. Look out of the window, think about how you are feeling and make it visual enough for me to capture … whatever that is, even if it’s unpleasant. For example, how did you feel when you first arrived here? I don’t imagine it’s an emotion associated with walking the runway.”

In this exchange, I wanted to capture the camaraderie between Axana and Zube. Both of them have awkwardness in different ways. Axana is slightly sensitive to Zube’s directness, and Zube does not have the eloquent finesse to deliver his request until in hindsight.

There is also a microscope on the operation of life. When one takes pictures for Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and the like, we have time to make things pretty and perfect. Yet this is not what Zube is going for at all. Life is not staged or pretty. It often flows without opportunity for what’s appropriate or correct.


Excerpt Three

He didn’t answer, just pointed to the bed and instructed her to get comfortable. Just pretend he’s not here was the mantra Axana placed in her brain. Yet, she felt exposed. It had been a while since she’d been in this state of dress around anyone.

The more she attempted to dilute Zube’s presence, the more amplified it became. The silhouette manifested itself into him, adopted all of his features. The sensations pulling her closer to this fantasy rattled her rationale. Axana’s body was no longer her own. Some primal entity operated as her puppet master.

Axana’s eyes smoldered with lust while she looked into Zube’s camera lens. One brassiere strap, of its own volition, slid off her shoulder. One hand, originally on Axana’s thigh, slid closer to her secret treasure.


A tightrope is present between suppression and surrender. What is it about Zube that makes Axana’s cautionary wall feel comfortable enough to crumble? Is he that damn fine? Is it his art? Or seeing multiple sides to him? Perhaps, it’s just been a minute since she’s been sexually shaken up and she throws caution aside, thinking that she only lives once. Did they just kiss or go all the way? Those questions I left unanswered on purpose, for there’s really no wrong answer.

For more of Axana and Zube, don’t hesitate to pick up Pleasure Prints.



The Challenges of Creation (Special Guest Synful Desire)

Man, this week is going to be the most I’ve posted to this spot in a minute. What can I say? I keep having folks popping over.

Today, Synful Desire is stopping by on her feature day to talk about the struggle related to some of her characters in “Onus”.

Desire, it’s sometimes a pleasure.

Sometimes? Da’Kharta, surely you jest! You know you’re always glad to see me. You just don’t show it,for fear it’ll destroy your image.

Whatever chic; you know I’m not down for all this small talk. Let’s get into the onus of “Onus”.

I see what you did there. Don’t make it a habit.


Hello everyone! Let’s talk “Challenges”.

With “Onus” I stepped out of my usual formula in quite a few ways. Today I will outline them as well as share a few excerpts from my contribution in Pleasure Prints.

Having a main character that is significantly older

Most of the main characters I create tend to be close to my age group, a bit younger, or slightly older. My main character is Cecilia Teflon. I do not reveal the number but there are ways you can tell that she’s up there in age with the following passage.


Cecilia flashed a look of trepidation at the Malacca cane leaning next to the metal bedpost. Her son-in-law Gordon had bought the contraption during one of his travels overseas, boasting it to be one of the best “in her condition”. Cecilia grew to hate every time Gordon coined the phrase. Gordon may have believed he was doing Cecilia a favor, but it was quite the opposite. Cecilia was a “give it to me straight” type person, like the generations of Teflon women before her. In Cecilia’s opinion, nothing should be sugar coated except the tops of doughnuts and the bottom of an iced tea glass.

The Malacca cane reminded Cecilia of the steady decline of mobility. On most days, she was able to slide along with considerable ease. Yet, for the past month, the cane was more of a dependable leg than her own. Now Cecilia wished that the telephone was on her nightstand rather than the rickety desk which had seen better days.

Forty-seven steps … an eternity for liver spot covered legs riddled with all the “ritis”, primarily Mr. Osteo. Add to that a “weakened” heart function and a “decompressed” lung function, Cecilia thanked Heaven to get anywhere at all, even if it was just to the toilet.

Balancing the supplemental characters’ weight vs. Cecilia’s narrative

To prompt Cecilia’s decision to share her narrative, I needed to create extenuating circumstances involving ones close to her. The granddaughter she has the most love for is Amber Moon. I needed to take time to give Amber Moon’s situation some weight without overshadowing Cecilia’s purpose. This blossoms with Amber Moon’s dealings with Geoff and Micah.

(outlining 1 encounter with Geoff)

The more Amber Moon attempted to stew in her anger, the less logical it seemed. Perhaps the reason why she reacted in such a way was because he spoke a truth she didn’t want to admit. Had Amber Moon forgotten the difficulty in appealing to Café Wysteria now that she was part of the circle? Weren’t there moments she felt the same as Geoff and Shannon?

Amber Moon nervously continued down this path of thinking. What was it about Geoff that made her so defensive? Truth be told, Geoff wasn’t a bad guy. If so, he could have easily left her out there. This captivating man set off a myriad of emotions—aggravation, adoration, and arousal.

Even with the minuscule disagreement, Geoff’s presence accelerated her pulse. The aching of neglected desire resumed.

(outlining encounter with Micah)

Amber Moon leaned against him. His body wasn’t as defined as Geoff’s but he was no slouch. The smell of Mr. Persistence—highly delectable … musky with a splash of citrus. Nothing about this individual’s personality was a ten but toxicity often morphs what’s important and what isn’t.

His hands cupped Amber Moon’s ass and pulled her closer.

His nose inhaled her scent. “You smell so good,” he whispered.

Not Geoff’s voice. Deeper but still sensual.

They continued to sway together. Mr. Persistence’s lips nibbled Amber Moon’s earlobe, then traveled the length of her neck before returning to the earlobe.

“Kiss me,” he commanded.

Amber Moon struggled to stay focused on Geoff. In the alcoholic haze and the warmth of her “right now”, Geoff was too distant to be a factor.

(outlining the tumult in Amber Moon)

Amber Moon could have told Micah right then about Geoff. Selective laryngitis developed for many reasons.

One, Micah was quite the performer and had connections which could open additional doors for her. It wouldn’t be wise to burn a bridge.

Two, Amber Moon could relate to Micah, for they had a similar background, not one of privilege like Geoff.

Three, Geoff was away, and Amber Moon held no guarantee that he was being faithful. If Geoff strayed, Amber Moon would not be as scarred, and her betrayal, in its most optimistic form, could be categorized as payback.

Absent the Hennessey and the club scene, she and Micah enjoyed a lyrical connection: they bantered over all types of topics. This mingling with the recognizable put her at ease. On top of that, Amber Moon’s confidence soared when interacting with Micah, for she was the more intelligent of the duo. That rarely was the case when with Geoff.

Subtracting my feelings from the characters’ actions

For me, it can be a struggle to not get overly emotional about certain characters. As an author, one has to do her best not to get invested and let the characters tell their tale as they want to tell him. Geoff is the prototype of the quintessential good guy, the one a lot of women always speak of wanting. Amber Moon has that guy, even asked the Universe for redemption, the Universe granted it, and things toppled downhill. However, I couldn’t base Amber Moon on what another woman would, could, or should do. Amber Moon had to do things in her own way, no matter how she’d be judged in the eye of public opinion. I prefer my characters honest than fake, unless being fake is the purpose in the story.

Despite the challenges, I love the end result of what was created. Please check out “Onus” and all of the other stories in Pleasure Prints.

Da’Kharta, this has been fantabulous, as usual. But next time, have some food! Talking about my writings always makes me hungry!

You sure you don’t mean … um, never mind. Thanks for stopping by.


Character Speak “Dad” (Masato’s Zion)

Yo! What’s awesome people? The Pleasure Prints blog tour, that’s what! Guess what today is? Today is my feature day.

In addition to being here, I did a bit of stalking on my fellow authors’ sites to talk about “Masato’s Zion”. Therefore, after you get through reading what the “Dad” from the story wants to discuss, pop on over to visit:

Y. Correa

Adonis Mann

Queen of Spades

Synful Desire

C. Desert Rose

I don’t like to keep people waiting so let’s get down to it. Like you, I am chomping at the bit to see what this character has to say about his character. Get it?


I got an invitation to come here and speak, although I’m not sure what you want me to speak about. I’m a typical man, one who is focused on providing for his family in the best way possible. Oftentimes, that involves staying later hours and sacrificing downtime.

It is not easy having your own business, especially one that is high in demand. Yet the great thing about it is that because it is high in demand, there is enough work to go around. The struggle is being as competitive with prices while still being fair to workers under one’s employ. I have been fortunate that price has yet to interfere with profit, even as the cost of parts has begun to rise.

The challenge is having people who are as well verse with the new school cars as the old school. Some of my workers are intimidated with the technology placed in the latter model cars. They function more as portable computers than anything. One of my oldest mechanics deem them “spaceships on Earth” and think these cars are “too smart”. Each time he hears of cars driving and parking themselves, it makes him cranky and nervous at the same time. I wouldn’t be surprised if Mr. Old School retires in less than five years because he’s unwilling to work on the newer cars. He’d be missed. Almost everyone here knows him and brags about his work.

I do stay late to do research after the manual and administrative parts of my profession are done. I want to ensure I get the best price on needed parts. The better deals I get with inventory, the better pricing I can offer my customers. If I do not, the customers have to take up the slack. I want to avoid that at all costs.

Being in my office does get a bit warm. Unfortunately, my AC unit works a bit too well and makes me a bit too cold. What helps me is taking a shower so I don’t smell my extra funk. I keep telling myself that I have to get more man-friendly products if I’m going to continue to shower before heading home. Unfortunately I keep forgetting, so I’ve used one of my co-workers ex-girlfriend’s Bath and Body Works products in the meanwhile. He told me to throw it away ages ago but I never got around to doing so. Luckily, it’s almost gone.

My wife understands how time consuming being the owner of an auto shop is. It’s hard for me to read my son. I have asked my wife if anyone at school has noticed anything suspicious going on with Masato. They cannot get enough of Masato. I would puff my chest out in pride, yet I know his success cannot be contributed to me. I don’t engage with Masato enough. By the time I get home, his door is already closed. I don’t want to disturb him in case he’s asleep.

I do love Masato but not sure if it’s in his favor being an only child. A few years ago, my wife brought up wanting a daughter, but I was too tunnel visioned with the business. Now that opportunity has come and gone. She never brings it up anymore. It would have been nice to have a girl to spoil.

Gee, look at the time! It often escapes me. I best be headed home. I’m not sure if I aided in any way with your project. All I did was ramble and talk about work. That makes me pretty boring in the scheme of things. In any case, good luck with it.


You definitely have put a twist on this “Dad”. I didn’t think “Masato’s Zion” could get any more intriguing, but I ain’t mad at it!

Before I get me some liquid enjoyment, check out the other participants in the Pleasure Prints blog tour on their days as well. If not, I’ll have to send Karma after you.


#PPBT Character Speak with Helena

Oh, there you are! I wonder what was taking you so long. It’s day two of the #PPBT, or Pleasure Prints Blog Tour if you need it spelled out.

Today, I want to host an interview I did with one of the main characters from “Fleeting Moments”, one of the story featured in this collection. Her name is Helena, so try to be pleasant, even if I’m not.


Has anyone ever called you a Bitter Betty? If so, do you think it’s accurate? If not, do you agree with how you are portrayed in the story? 

First I just want to say hello. Hope you’re doing well.

Now, to address your question … 🤔

As far as I am aware no one has ever called me a Bitter Betty, at least not to my face. Then again, I don’t have all that many friends social, work related or otherwise. I mean, unless you can call your mom your friend. In which case I have at least one. 😳

I keep to myself at work so if anyone is saying anything, I am not aware. 🤷‍♀️

I mean, I don’t think I am a Bitter Betty. I’m just driven. I want to make it in this world so I set my mind to the grind. Does that equation equal me socializing? Probably not. Is the outcome of not socializing being bitter? Maybe; I don’t know.

Is hot chocolate really your favorite drink, or do you settle for it because you cannot drink alcohol on the job?

I took the hot chocolate because Dennis gave it to me. It isn’t my favorite drink per say, but it sure does help comfort a person late at night. Could it have used a shot or two of Kahlua? Hell yes. But beggars can’t be choosers.

Do you have hobbies which help with your boredom, and if so, what are they?

Of course I do! Surfing slash window shopping on! I mean, it has everything so I get my shopping fix without having to leave the office or go to claustrophobic and congested stores.

Except clothes. I don’t buy clothes online. As a matter of fact, I don’t really enjoy clothes shopping at all so I keep it at a minimum.

But, seriously … electronics, doodads, food, treats, thingamajigs … you name it, Amazon has it!

At any rate …

Best. Hobby. Ever. 🙌 😁

In your opinion, does profundity expand more when faced with joy or calamity? With whatever choice, spill on how.

Man, this is a good question!

For a long time I believed that happiness paved the way to profound thinking. I had this twisted ideation that if you were happy you saw things clearer and this translated into deepness of mind and spirit.

What I have learned is that sadness has its own way to enlighten a person and provides a level of depth that happiness cannot. I learned that when things get dark, by our human nature, we fight to get back to normalcy. It is in that fight that wisdom, understanding, compassion and empathy grown. When those get bigger, acumen becomes bottomless. 

So … you say you’re trying to watch your figure. Um, how much do you actually weigh?

😄 😅 😆 A lady never divulges her weight. But, I don’t think I am fat. I just like to keep my figure as is. I hate clothes shopping. It’s too much work trying everything on. So, the longer I can keep my current wardrobe, the better.

Hold on Helena! Someone’s knocking at my door. Whoa … if it isn’t fellow grouch … I mean, Author in Crime, Y. Correa. Hey, did Helena agree to an interview with you, too?

I didn’t make any extra snacks so hope you didn’t come hungry. Sit down and ask away. I’ve already finished.


Exactly how important was it for you to reach the top?

My mother always taught me to work as hard as I possibly could because an independent woman was far better than a woman that depends on a man. So since I was a little girl it was my dream to be the president/CEO of a large corporation. Of course I knew that all good, confident, and successful women started at the bottom and I had no qualms with working my way to the top. 💸 💵💰 💳

I guess my biggest issue was that I got so focused on the dream that I forgot that there is a lot more to life than work.

Given an alternative career choice, what have you gone with?

Don’t laugh … a Go-go dance!

A little known fact about me; I love dancing. I will boogie to almost anything. From urban to opera, I’ll dance to it all. But, Go-go dancing in particular is my favorite. 💃👯‍♀️

Since you drink hot chocolate at night, does that mean you have coffee in the morning?

I am actually a “morning tea” person. I enjoy the English Breakfast and the Irish Breakfast morning tea. Good stuff. The only variation of coffee I consume is ice cream. 🤩

Was there ever any nookie between you and Dennis?

😳 😵🤯 OH, DEAR GOD, NO! Dennis was my friend! Nothing more and nothing less.

On a scale of 1 to 10, how sexy was Dennis?

🤦‍♀️😑🙄 You’re killing me, Y. You. Are. Killing. Me. How the hell am I supposed to know how sexy he was? I didn’t see him that way. Like, at all.


Thanks for peeping this interview. I was hoping for something a bit steamier, even tabloid worthy. Maybe Helena should swap some of that hot chocolate for something alcoholic and tropical.